HitTrax is a virtual baseball experience allowing players of all ages digitized training and analysis using accurate technology and video playback. Player stats are stored and displayed on an online leaderboard. Train, play a simulated game, or join a league today!

HitTrax tracks hits from pitching machines, live pitching, soft toss, and hitting off a tee to see where the ball would be hit in an actual stadium. Players and coaches can analyze data of strike zones, distance, velocity, launch angles, point of impact, and more.

Pitchers get immediate feedback on their pitch location, velocity, strike percentage and more.

Catching data allows players to analyze strike zone, throw accuracy, transfer time, arm strength and more.

Play a game alone or with friends. Virtual fielders turn realistic game plays. Play in tournaments, home run derby contests, and leagues. Play with friends or play online with people around the world.


$45/half hour | $80/hour 

Rent by the hour, not per person.  

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