Baseball Training with Michael O’Brien

My name is Michael O’Brien. I am the Head of Baseball Operations/Training at Name Your Sport training and entertainment facility in Runnemede, NJ. I’ve played baseball for 15+ years, and I currently play on a men’s softball team at Playmore Sports. With my experience, I have had the opportunity to coach varsity baseball at Triton Regional High School. As my baseball playing career has come to an end, I am eager to keep the game alive by sharing my knowledge and experience with young athletes. I am passionate about the sport of baseball, and I hope to work with athletes who share that passion in order to make them the best player they can be.

I offer private hitting and fielding lessons to players who feel they may be struggling at the plate or simply just want to put themselves above the competition. My lessons are offered in a one-on-one setting for a more personal session or a small group of up to four athletes to ensure each player receives the same amount of individualized feedback. I plan to work diligently with the athletes to strengthen their skills and give them a better understanding of the game. Likewise, with the HitTrax system at Name Your Sport, I will be able to video tape players’ form, and monitor statistics in order to observe progression. Given that I am a younger trainer who is recently retired, I believe I will be able to connect with young athletes and relate to them in a way other trainers cannot. My ultimate goal is to build connections with my clients in a way that it will not only make them a noticeably better player, but it will also make them fall in love with the game just like I did.

I also offer strength and agility training to players who want to incorporate that into their practice, and to anyone (not just baseball players) who is looking to build their fitness. Similar to my baseball privates, I offer these sessions to clients one-on-one or in a group of no more than four. For strength and agility, I will be utilizing Underground Wrestling Club’s gym and equipment right next door in order to ensure a meaningful and rewarding experience.


Phone: (856) 343-8933

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